Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Harvard Business Case Studies (HBS)

hello everybody!!! now, I want to tell you about my presentation on wednesday, 14/12/2011...the presentation was about the Symbian, Google & Apple in the Mobile Space. Our group has 7 members.

our group discussion :)

Fatin Zulaikha
Fairuz Amalina
Norshakila Shoki
Fatin Razali
Nurul Nadia
Hidayah Salleh
This is our GrOup MemBer.....^_^

There are 10 questions are given to each group : 
1.   Strategies taken by Symbian,Google,Apple in striving to lead the mobile industry.
2.   Lessons learned from Harvard Bussiness School Case Study.
3.   New entry company such as Google & Apple become threat to Symbian company.How?
4.   Discuss the key players in mobile phone industries and how they influence each other.
5.   As the future IT professional,how this case study change your view about your carreer?
6.   What innovations can be introduce in improving mobile phone industries in terms of community uses and   work?
7.    Discuss the Symbian's situation based on Porter's 5 Forces model.What are your recommendation?
8.    Analyse  Symbian's situation using SWOT analysis technique.What is your opinion about company situation.
9.    Discuss on key Symbian Excutives(exhibit 3).What is your opinion about them?Give suggestions.
10.  Discuss on the mobile market share based on the statistics given.
credit to : Viera...^_^ thnx alot k....
On that day, we has 10 group. We are given 30 minutes to present our topic. Each group got 1 question. My group got a very challenging question. This is our question :

What innovations can be introduce in improving mobile phone industries in term of 
communities user and work?

So, our group made a very good presentation. This presentation gave us many benefits. We learn more about mobile phone. We know about the Symbian, Apple, RIMM (Blackberry), Android and also about the 3G, 4G and Wimax. We are made a good cooperate between us to gave an idea about our question.

Okay, Now I to show you  the idea that made by our gorgeous group...HEHE =)

Fatin Zulaikha : Making mobile phone for blind people. This mobile phone can detect the voice of that person, so that the person can message and make a call. The blind people can use the mobile phone like the other people.
Fairuz Amalina : Use fingerprint or our voice to unlock the phone.
Norshakila Shoki : Install Autocat application. This autocat can help architect to do their job easily.
Afifah : Global Positioning System (GPS) become easier. We can use this GPS by using our voice. We no need to type the location.
Fatin Razali : We can charge our mobile phone by using solar energy. 
Nurul Nadia : Make a mobile phone as a credit card. 
Hidayah Salleh : Make a mobile phone as a projecter. HUHU sound like interesting right,, This idea will decrease the cost because we don't have to but the projecter.

here our photo during discussion :

Okay...I stop here..I really hope you guys enjoy reading this post..I'm really SORRY if I make a mistake..thank you guys ^_^